Meet Ray

Raymond J. Ferraro is a father of two children, a proud grandfather of six and a life-long Guelph resident. Emigrating from Italy, his family arrived to their new home in Guelph and operated a successful business. Throughout his life in Guelph, Ferraro served for three years on Guelph City Council and spent ten years as a board member of the Ontario College of Podiatrists and Chiropodists, which gave him a clear understanding of the challenges facing our Health Care System. Over the past 35 years, Ferraro has been a consultant in the real estate construction and development industry.

If elected as Guelph’s MPP, Ferraro promises to devote all his time and effort on making Guelph a better, more affordable place to live. As a member of a PC Government, Ferraro looks forward to helping get government waste and spending under control, and work to improve health care for the people of Guelph – and ultimately, all of Ontario. Ferraro will always respect the taxpayers’ money and be accountable to the people he represents in Guelph. Above all, Ferraro will always be approachable and available to respond to the concerns of his constituents in a timely and considerate manner.